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Life, Ideas, People and Stories …

I have always been a social person. Since childhood I would look forward to being with friends, cousins or relatives. I so loved it. My mom would be amazed at my capacity to talk and befriend anyone. She still thinks I know the whole world  and I  almost do …know the whole world …he he  he.


However over the years I had got selective about the people I choose to connect with. They had to be like minded and if there were different while I would be with them but struggled to find my place. I guess it was more my insecurity as person I was and my dis- trust due to circumstances. By God’s grace a lot has changed within me and I think I am more appreciative of people and accept them for who they really are and not whom I choose to see them as. My quality of interactions surely have changed.


Just yesterday I was with a chat friend and wondered how drastically different we were in taste, liking, attitude towards things, aptitude, lifestyles etc yet we seem to enjoy each other’s company and looked forward to catch up.  I wondered at the mystery ? What was it that kept us going? So quizzed him to know what really made him want to meet me when I was so different and I really liked the simple answer that he gave.He said it was the sheer fact that I was so different ! He said “We always meet people like urselves  who are so much like us and predictable . Its nice to know some one very different  !”


That kind of clicked in my head. I too hadn’t realized the fact that we are often curious about things/people who are different from us yet out comfort of being with what we know makes us resist from exploring the unknown. Yet the true fun and growth as an individual is getting to know the unknown. That’s how we enrich as people, don’t we ?


The other interesting thing happened few days back was how I met 4 very different interesting people on the same day. One was an intellectual corporate executive, one was a celebrity / leading super star of India, the third was an aged couple in their late 70’s and last but not least were a bunch of new friends I have made of almost the same age group coming from different walks of life. The day was by far the most exciting.


 I realized that though I could categorize their identities by what they did yet at the end of the day they were just people …people with stories to tell ! Contrary to their status their stories were human and similar just their perspectives were different. I also realized it’s not people who really were difficult to deal with but our acceptance of them that made it so complicated. If we just let people be and accept them for what they are and love them for what we liked about them life would get simpler.


 Is it tough to do so ? My guess is it isn’t ? Yes we need to surely come out of our social and mental  conditioning of accepting people. I think recently I seem to breaking out of my social  and mental conditioning, there is trust too and that’s why I am beginning to see and accept people from a different perspective. There is more depth in my understanding of them. The judgments are beginning to reduce.

And trust me it’s a beautiful experience . It makes me feel librated for the 1st time.

Thanx universe once again for making see and enjoy this beauty !



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What lies beyond …

Ironical is the process of Rejection and Acceptance. 

After every rejection awaits a rightful acceptance yet we never seem to be able to look beyond rejection and get so caught up in its stories

For years I struggled with rejections and found myself getting entangled in its stories to an extent I didn’t let an acceptance awaiting, rescue me out of it .

This morning I faced a similar situation where I was rejected yet again …this time it was work related.

I was upset for a few moments and decided to look beyond and told myself “BIG DEAL …NEXT !!!”

Wasn’t that easy to look beyond but I just felt the need to do it this time …enough is what I have had and had to over come it !

What was amazing is what happened next found ‘Acceptance’ awaiting right round the corner.

It wasn’t really what I had in mind but was very warm, loving and as accepting as ‘Acceptance’ could be (funny as it may sound)

I was amazed at what lie beyond the rejection …

I still didn’t quite willing accept the ‘Acceptance’ but was touched to see it waiting unconditionally with open arms

It made me wonder of all the times I hadn’t even noticed it coz I feared to look beyond …



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Co-existance !


Dobasa Waterfalls
Dobasa Waterfalls

Silence surely makes you hear a lot more than u can hear in the chatter

As I stood in silence admiring the scenery at Dobasa waterfalls I wondered…

Who is really mightier than the other ?

 The huge, cold, insensitive, egoistic mountains

Or the gushing, naughty, innocent river that transformed into a powerful yet calming waterfall

Or was it the peaceful, refreshing healing forest that seem to wrap the egoistic mountain and the noisy river within its peaceful silence.

Each of them smirked at my question almost as if it was known that they were the mightiest of them all

Yet to me from the distance they seem to coexist and complete each other

Isn’t this the ultimate truth about life…

We spend our lives proving to be the mightiest yet feel the need to be complete where as our coexistence is actually the true completion…

I too went seeking for completions and came back realizing that each incompletion that so seemed  had made me complete with my experiences.


 Thanx to the silence I once again got to hear the inner truth !

 This post was inspired by the beautiful water fall and 4 days of Silence that I experienced at Dobasa with 67 more such silent souls at Silent Retreat conducted by my master magician Prasad. It was a very powerful and a beautiful experience.


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Nuts about Life !

My inspiration

My inspiration

Life has it’s funny ways. Until last year I barely had even attempted to get to know life, leave aside understand it. It always seemed too complicated ( in my head that was). Something I had to live with coz i was told it’s a gift. I often wondered if the gift was really worth it and if it was then why was it so complicated which made me run miles away from it. I didn’t quite like it either. Until I reached a point in my life where my situations forced me to come face to face with it. That’s when I actually looked at ‘LIFE’ for the 1st time that to so closely. And you know what ? That’s when I realized how beautiful it was. It’s simplicity amazed me and seeing how much it had always given me unconditionally only humbled me. That’s when I went NUTS ABOUT LIFE ! 🙂

 Nuts about Life – my blog is attempt to share my new found love for life and everything about it.

What inspired it ?

Well I had running aimlessly in circles until one day my fuel ran out and I had the biggest break down ever. I had a choice to break down and rust or to jumpstart right from scratch. That’s when I chose to jumpstart and landed up in London for a 10 day holiday. Besides the fact that I fell in love with London as a city I realized how easy and fun life really could be. On the day I was leaving London I saw the sign board of a shop that said “NUTS ABOUT LIFE “. It was a shop that sold nuts of all kinds. he he he . The name ‘ Nuts about life’ just seem to ring a bell almost like a message from the universe. So here I am sharing it …

Have fun ! And I promise this time it’s going to be a beautiful fun journey all the way !

 Cheers !


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