Nuts about Life !

My inspiration

My inspiration

Life has it’s funny ways. Until last year I barely had even attempted to get to know life, leave aside understand it. It always seemed too complicated ( in my head that was). Something I had to live with coz i was told it’s a gift. I often wondered if the gift was really worth it and if it was then why was it so complicated which made me run miles away from it. I didn’t quite like it either. Until I reached a point in my life where my situations forced me to come face to face with it. That’s when I actually looked at ‘LIFE’ for the 1st time that to so closely. And you know what ? That’s when I realized how beautiful it was. It’s simplicity amazed me and seeing how much it had always given me unconditionally only humbled me. That’s when I went NUTS ABOUT LIFE ! 🙂

 Nuts about Life – my blog is attempt to share my new found love for life and everything about it.

What inspired it ?

Well I had running aimlessly in circles until one day my fuel ran out and I had the biggest break down ever. I had a choice to break down and rust or to jumpstart right from scratch. That’s when I chose to jumpstart and landed up in London for a 10 day holiday. Besides the fact that I fell in love with London as a city I realized how easy and fun life really could be. On the day I was leaving London I saw the sign board of a shop that said “NUTS ABOUT LIFE “. It was a shop that sold nuts of all kinds. he he he . The name ‘ Nuts about life’ just seem to ring a bell almost like a message from the universe. So here I am sharing it …

Have fun ! And I promise this time it’s going to be a beautiful fun journey all the way !

 Cheers !



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7 responses to “Nuts about Life !

  1. hey i think its a brilliant name…very cheerful…good luck

  2. Sugar Ray

    So i’m thinking, that this is a far happier and light-hearted new you…and may you always be nutty about life.

  3. nutsaboutlife

    Thanx Manasi and Rayo for the good wishes. Yes Rayo you will now on only see the happier light hearted and nutty me 🙂

    Cheers !

  4. [Sorry, Off Topic] Gaizabonts, my blog of five years and all my other blogs were hacked into on 6th Aug. Unless you hear from me otherwise, I have no control now, over the content in these blogs. I have moved to:
    Atul Sabnis

  5. Meena

    Great name! Lookin ffd to readin more…
    cheers and all the very best!

  6. Anita Sakhuja

    Hey Payal, good to see you blogging.Looking forward to read more great stuff.
    Will always remember “I Love Me”

  7. Varsha

    hey.. deep thought.. the mountain and waterfall comparison got me thinking.. 🙂

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