Co-existance !


Dobasa Waterfalls
Dobasa Waterfalls

Silence surely makes you hear a lot more than u can hear in the chatter

As I stood in silence admiring the scenery at Dobasa waterfalls I wondered…

Who is really mightier than the other ?

 The huge, cold, insensitive, egoistic mountains

Or the gushing, naughty, innocent river that transformed into a powerful yet calming waterfall

Or was it the peaceful, refreshing healing forest that seem to wrap the egoistic mountain and the noisy river within its peaceful silence.

Each of them smirked at my question almost as if it was known that they were the mightiest of them all

Yet to me from the distance they seem to coexist and complete each other

Isn’t this the ultimate truth about life…

We spend our lives proving to be the mightiest yet feel the need to be complete where as our coexistence is actually the true completion…

I too went seeking for completions and came back realizing that each incompletion that so seemed  had made me complete with my experiences.


 Thanx to the silence I once again got to hear the inner truth !

 This post was inspired by the beautiful water fall and 4 days of Silence that I experienced at Dobasa with 67 more such silent souls at Silent Retreat conducted by my master magician Prasad. It was a very powerful and a beautiful experience.



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