What lies beyond …

Ironical is the process of Rejection and Acceptance. 

After every rejection awaits a rightful acceptance yet we never seem to be able to look beyond rejection and get so caught up in its stories

For years I struggled with rejections and found myself getting entangled in its stories to an extent I didn’t let an acceptance awaiting, rescue me out of it .

This morning I faced a similar situation where I was rejected yet again …this time it was work related.

I was upset for a few moments and decided to look beyond and told myself “BIG DEAL …NEXT !!!”

Wasn’t that easy to look beyond but I just felt the need to do it this time …enough is what I have had and had to over come it !

What was amazing is what happened next found ‘Acceptance’ awaiting right round the corner.

It wasn’t really what I had in mind but was very warm, loving and as accepting as ‘Acceptance’ could be (funny as it may sound)

I was amazed at what lie beyond the rejection …

I still didn’t quite willing accept the ‘Acceptance’ but was touched to see it waiting unconditionally with open arms

It made me wonder of all the times I hadn’t even noticed it coz I feared to look beyond …




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