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Story Telling …

I have been thinking about the simplicity with which we were introduced to learning about life via story telling. Every child loves to hear bed time stories. I remember my all time favorite was Red Riding Hood and Jungle book. Each story had a moral to it …a lesson to be learnt. Its such a simple yet powerful concept. However as we  grow we loose the simplicity of it. We make learning a task and complicated. Where as if we just look around there are so may people with stories to tell and inspire us to keep learning from life. I think I can take the liberty to say LIFE is the greatest STORY TELLERS of them all. 


Off late I have been meeting lots and lots of people of different walks of life each one either teaches me a lesson or inspires me to over come my blocks. The story tellers are interestingly unique characters in themselves. Some enchant me with their simplicity, some with there complexity and then the others with their Innocence. Each of these provide good material for humor, drama, tragedy, celebration, uniqueness and yet almost every one has common strings linking them all together. Its a beautiful process of sheer being a observer or a witness. I have loved observing people over the years but its now that I have become witness to stories. Some they share with me and some unspoken ones that they convey with their gestures. If am enjoying so much just being an observer I often wonder the thrill it must be for the creator up there of each of these characters. Though with power comes responsibility. Responsibility of weaving these stories to a meaning full end. I saw meaning full coz happy or sad endings are mere perspectives of the one living the stories or the one witnessing it.


I am truly inspired by this process an who knows may start penning down stories I have been witness. Anything is possible in this universe. Nothing is a coincidence not even my latest inspiration of story telling. Let’s see what unveils !


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Who am I ?

No really, have u ever thought of it ? Who are u ?


 Last few days I have been trying to locate my real identity as I seem to have lost it some where and  this question introduced to me by my teacher. It has been hounding me.


All these years I had made what I did as my identity…I am an ‘Advertising Professional’ I proudly quoted to introduce myself unaware of the fact that wasn’t truly my identity. But strangely so the word at large was as ignorant as me and accepted the same.They too had similar discerning identities.


Last year due to my illness I was out of job for 7 months and suddenly I realized I had lost my self assumed identity. Who am I then if not an Advertising Professional? To curb my restlessness I found myself a new identity. It began with being a ‘Fighter’ since I fought the illness and to being a ‘Survivor’ since I over came the illness.


 2 months back I realized being a survivor wasn’t my true identity either as it was just situational. I quit my job as wasn’t truly enjoying it and thus  set out to explore the world  beyond what I had known of it as and I became an ‘Explorer’. Some times I feel I am ‘Seeker’, other occasions I become a ‘Warrior’ who doesn’t give up till she finds victory and some very shattered moments I also find myself being a ‘Looser’.


Till date I haven’t really been able to find my true identity. Each identity I assumed for myself was situational or circumstantial that wasn’t really me.


If that’s so then ‘Who really am I ? ’


Perhaps  the answer is an amalgamation of various identities I gave myself all these years or is it something so obvious that I have yet not been able to understand. This sheer mystery intrigues me to keep going into the depths of my mystical self .


 However the good newz is  that this seeking has atleast got me in touch with myself for once ! All these years I kept running outwards struggling to get to know people and understand them and here I am calling myself mystical and truly so as I don’t really know the real me.  


As I seek myself  I leave you to answer “ WHO AM I ?”




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My Creation !

It was raw and had no form

Calling it was to give it life

Reluctant and scared I held it with love

That’s when began the universal play

Surrender it was for each other

I gave it a form and gave it life

Birth it was in the true sense

Yes, I was the creator and it was my proud creation


This post is dedicated to yet another love of my life ‘Pottery’. The love affair began a year and half ago. I was introduced to Pottery by my teacher Vinod Dubey. Its yet another thing that happened in my life by chance and out of sheer curiosity. Or now that I look back it was just meant to be.


I have learnt wheel work and yes can make pots. Its an experience I totally cherish. I have seen clay talk to me, make me realize what’s really going on within me , heal me, test my patience and reward me for my efforts.Its been a beautiful and gratifying journey.


For last 1.5 yrs I had lost touch. However the clay called me back  and I have got back to playing and experimenting with it once again.This time I am learning Hand pottery and just today I experimented with my 1st hand piece.


Isn’t it a beauty ! My creation is yet again an expression on my current state of mind where I feel this urge to shout out loud, express and tell the world what my true potential is. Potential in relationships, as a human being and as a professional. I may have been wounded but I am a warrior who always finds its way to VICTORY!


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