My Creation !

It was raw and had no form

Calling it was to give it life

Reluctant and scared I held it with love

That’s when began the universal play

Surrender it was for each other

I gave it a form and gave it life

Birth it was in the true sense

Yes, I was the creator and it was my proud creation


This post is dedicated to yet another love of my life ‘Pottery’. The love affair began a year and half ago. I was introduced to Pottery by my teacher Vinod Dubey. Its yet another thing that happened in my life by chance and out of sheer curiosity. Or now that I look back it was just meant to be.


I have learnt wheel work and yes can make pots. Its an experience I totally cherish. I have seen clay talk to me, make me realize what’s really going on within me , heal me, test my patience and reward me for my efforts.Its been a beautiful and gratifying journey.


For last 1.5 yrs I had lost touch. However the clay called me back  and I have got back to playing and experimenting with it once again.This time I am learning Hand pottery and just today I experimented with my 1st hand piece.


Isn’t it a beauty ! My creation is yet again an expression on my current state of mind where I feel this urge to shout out loud, express and tell the world what my true potential is. Potential in relationships, as a human being and as a professional. I may have been wounded but I am a warrior who always finds its way to VICTORY!



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2 responses to “My Creation !

  1. Kavita

    You potential is right here on this blog for world to see 🙂 You go girl 🙂

  2. Gradually the abstraction gave way to detail,
    The determination got ahead of the ability to fail,
    The grains grounded by coaxing into a form,
    The form glued by perception to conform.

    fantastic. keep up the work, i mean the creation.

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