Who am I ?

No really, have u ever thought of it ? Who are u ?


 Last few days I have been trying to locate my real identity as I seem to have lost it some where and  this question introduced to me by my teacher. It has been hounding me.


All these years I had made what I did as my identity…I am an ‘Advertising Professional’ I proudly quoted to introduce myself unaware of the fact that wasn’t truly my identity. But strangely so the word at large was as ignorant as me and accepted the same.They too had similar discerning identities.


Last year due to my illness I was out of job for 7 months and suddenly I realized I had lost my self assumed identity. Who am I then if not an Advertising Professional? To curb my restlessness I found myself a new identity. It began with being a ‘Fighter’ since I fought the illness and to being a ‘Survivor’ since I over came the illness.


 2 months back I realized being a survivor wasn’t my true identity either as it was just situational. I quit my job as wasn’t truly enjoying it and thus  set out to explore the world  beyond what I had known of it as and I became an ‘Explorer’. Some times I feel I am ‘Seeker’, other occasions I become a ‘Warrior’ who doesn’t give up till she finds victory and some very shattered moments I also find myself being a ‘Looser’.


Till date I haven’t really been able to find my true identity. Each identity I assumed for myself was situational or circumstantial that wasn’t really me.


If that’s so then ‘Who really am I ? ’


Perhaps  the answer is an amalgamation of various identities I gave myself all these years or is it something so obvious that I have yet not been able to understand. This sheer mystery intrigues me to keep going into the depths of my mystical self .


 However the good newz is  that this seeking has atleast got me in touch with myself for once ! All these years I kept running outwards struggling to get to know people and understand them and here I am calling myself mystical and truly so as I don’t really know the real me.  


As I seek myself  I leave you to answer “ WHO AM I ?”





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