Story Telling …

I have been thinking about the simplicity with which we were introduced to learning about life via story telling. Every child loves to hear bed time stories. I remember my all time favorite was Red Riding Hood and Jungle book. Each story had a moral to it …a lesson to be learnt. Its such a simple yet powerful concept. However as we  grow we loose the simplicity of it. We make learning a task and complicated. Where as if we just look around there are so may people with stories to tell and inspire us to keep learning from life. I think I can take the liberty to say LIFE is the greatest STORY TELLERS of them all. 


Off late I have been meeting lots and lots of people of different walks of life each one either teaches me a lesson or inspires me to over come my blocks. The story tellers are interestingly unique characters in themselves. Some enchant me with their simplicity, some with there complexity and then the others with their Innocence. Each of these provide good material for humor, drama, tragedy, celebration, uniqueness and yet almost every one has common strings linking them all together. Its a beautiful process of sheer being a observer or a witness. I have loved observing people over the years but its now that I have become witness to stories. Some they share with me and some unspoken ones that they convey with their gestures. If am enjoying so much just being an observer I often wonder the thrill it must be for the creator up there of each of these characters. Though with power comes responsibility. Responsibility of weaving these stories to a meaning full end. I saw meaning full coz happy or sad endings are mere perspectives of the one living the stories or the one witnessing it.


I am truly inspired by this process an who knows may start penning down stories I have been witness. Anything is possible in this universe. Nothing is a coincidence not even my latest inspiration of story telling. Let’s see what unveils !


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