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5 /10/06


The early morning silent walks at the beach are one of the things I look forward to at Goa Intensives each year. This being my 3rd intensive at the same location I so confidently walked towards the beach with the familiarity of the space.  I know that beach, the ocean, the sunrise, the morning mist and the chirping of the birds. I have experienced them before I thought to myself.


As begun to walk and observe them yet again I was amazed at what I saw. They seem so different and beautiful. I wondered how that change had occurred. Just when   I realized they hadn’t changed its just how I saw them had. 


The 1st year I came here I seeked for answers to innumerable questions I had then so all I saw was mere answers and not the truth of the moment.


The next year I was here I came with an expectancy of healing myself to the realizations I had  from my seeking so I looked for inspiration to heal myself.


However this year I had no questions, no seeking, not craving for inspirations …just was in the moment and looking at things as they were. As Prasad says “ What is, is !” That’s when I could see true beauty of things and their sheer existence. I am glad that my perspective to life and the way I look at things has changed and that I am being able to enjoy the true beauty.





These days trees fascinate me a lot specially trees with no leaves, completely barren yet standing tall and beautiful . I seem to come across them often. Their beauty is enchanting.

This morning I was thinking what really fascinates me about the, why now do I look at them differently. The Answer I got was …


“ Sometimes its important to shed every bit of you to the core and that’s when your true beauty really comes forth”


I guess that’s what is happening in my life at the moment. All my ideas, judgements, beliefs are all shedding bit by bit …





Yesterady I Saw Kshitij standing by the ocean seeking for answers which brought a smile on my face.


Kshitij looked past the ocean at the Horizon and seem to ask “ Why are you that far away, I have been trying to reach you?” The Horizon seemed to smile back and said “ I have wondering the same Kshitij how did u get that far I have been trying to reach you too”


What made me smile was the irony of the situation , On both sides of the ocean was the Horizon so disconnected from itself. However the ocean seem to unconditionally make an effort to bridge the gap and make the connection,


(*the name Kshitij means Horizion )



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