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My Heartfelt Prayer – inspired by the 26/11 Terror in India (Mumbai)

Anger, revenge, greed, bloodshed and blame …

I am sure the creator this moment must be in deep regret and much ashamed

Is this why he created Beauty, Love and Intellect?

Is this why he created the ‘Gift of Life’?


It’s been several dawns to dusk and yet again innocent lives have been put to dust

Will this mayhem see another dawn?

I sincerely pray, It may not !


May the new beautiful morning sunshine spread its warmth and love on the wounded hearts

May it dawn the truth of the precious ‘Gift of Life’

May it’s warmth erase the scars and let’s us make new beautiful beginnings by just listening to the divine voice.

For the only way to make this heartfelt prayer of mine a truth is to wake up and make that choice !




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