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Be One !


I have within the passion from fire
The calmness of the earth
The adaptability from water
The swiftness of the air
And the flexibility from the space

How disconnected I am from the truth of my own existence?
Yet I assume I do not belong…
Yet I yearn to ‘BE ONE’!

This post/ poem is inspired by my dear (artist ) friend Vikram Arora’s 1st Solo Show titled “ Becoming One” that I attended last evening. I loved Vikram’s work of art and was thrilled to see it getting recognized and acknowledged.

His journey of connecting with himself and expressing various emotions ( like Harmony, fear, angst, temptation etc )he discovered on the way was beautiful, simplistic yet very vibrant. I found myself connecting with it too and was inspired to write my thoughts on the subject. My personal favorite painting is the one I have attached with the post “Becoming One with Harmony”.

I convey my best wishes to Vikram and sincerely pray that his art may inspire and connect him with his true self and may reach out touching million hearts too.




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The comedy of tragedy !

Last evening I watched yet another interesting play by the Rage production ‘The Chaos theory’ I have been following them for a short while and have enjoyed how their playwrights use tricky real life situations and present them in a comic way, where I as an audience always left satisfyingly amused yet took back some provoking thoughts.

Chaos Theory did exactly that to me …incidentally I got back home and read what the playwright Anuvab Pal’s expression was inspired by. He quoted something very interesting “Depending on what constitutes you , you are either about to watch a tragedy with a splash of comic or a roaring comedy with blocks of sadness”

For some reason I tried looking at my life from Anuvab Pal’s perspective. Most often when I look back at incidents that looked like big tragedies then I can often laugh back at now though in the moment of experiencing them they didn’t seem funny at all. However one always has the interesting choice to make. It may seem like a tough choice but was contemplating how comforting life and situations would be if at the moment of experiencing pain one could look at it as “tragedy with a splash of comic or a roaring comedy with blocks of sadness”.

I also liked few more thought provoking dialogues along with the smart play of words, wit at its best. One of them being “May be Simplicity is simple”. I kept thinking that may be there wouldn’t have been a chaos theory in the first place if we could just keep life /situations simple and accept each moment with honesty and were expressive / upfront about our feelings rather than dusting it away under the carpet of false pretence assuring ourselves that now isn’t it the right time may be some other day!

While I am saying what I am saying, however in my heart, I intend making a choice right this moment. Let’s see how far it takes me…what ever be the case I will be back in this space sharing the result of my experimentation.


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The heart …

 It’s been wounded, its been hurt !

It cherishes scars of it’s battles and defeats

It weeps for it has died a million deaths

Yet it beats

Yet it melts

For its my heart …my precious wealth !


A wise one recently told me “The heart has to break for the nectar to come out’. This statement has made a deep impression on my life. It is  indeed a painful process however the truth of life. Right this moment I hear it break and feel the pain but have the faith that some day soon I will understand and see the nectar too.

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Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan !


It was a touching moment for me as I saw the wounded Taj silently witnessing the rage and cry for its pain amongst its loved ones. 3rd December 2008 exactly a week since the 60 hrs siege on Mumbai. But what I experienced today was hearting and left its mark on million hearts for sure. Mumbai is hurt yet again, very angry for sure however this time not going to let this pass. It was a proud moment to walk amongst lakhs of Mumbaikar who got together to protest incompetence of the government, support a cause, acknowledge the heroes in uniform, pay tribute to the innocent lives and brave warriors, shout out loud to be heard this time and bring about the change long over due.


It almost felt like a visit down memory lane where freedom fighters would rally for a cause. However their was a stark difference as this was the 21st Century. The undying spirit was just the same infact rekindled in a million hearts.


There were people from all walk  of life be it Ceos, businessmen, housewives, students, celebrities, the common man and  what moved me the most were 2 physically disabled people on wheelchairs with flags in hands shouting slogans and holding pluck cards announcing their willingness to fight against terror. Each Mumbaikar  present there expressed themselves.Many shouted out slogans and held  pluck cards like “Mumbai meri jaan hai, Bharat ki shaan hai” “ Gali gali mein shor hai saare Neta chor hai” “ Bharat Mata kit jai” “Netas you suck” “VIP Very Insensitive People” etc.


There was a  group that represented “ Hugs for peace” inspired the well known ‘Hugs for free’ went around offering hugs who appreciated them, there were street plays conveying their messages and angst on terror and incompetent politicians, there were huge sign boards where people let their messages, there was a special corner where people lit candles to pay their tributes and express their emotions silently, many walked with candles in their hands and each time the breeze try to dampen their spirit some one else would come forth and relight the candle.There were people distributing water to the participants. Each participant unitedly called out slogans,there were many who on seeing the ATS commandos in their vans walked up to them, hugged them, thanked them and clapped for their bravery. The sight to see the smile on the commandos face was touching and invigorating.


All I could see was an ocean of humans filled with different emotions but one cause. I too walked hand tightly held of my 2 best friends Meena and Niki feeling pride in being a Mumbaikar and with a knowing that this adversity surely was a turning point for our darling city of dreams.


We will surely not let it shatter…Kyo ki, yahi to hai Mumbai …Meri Jaan !






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Is this my life’s plan ????

Last nite I was thinking about Life and plans we make. Although I didn’t really get a chance to plan much in my life and had to move from one circumstance to another making the best of what I got, I often hear people planning their life! The concept didn’t quite get past through me.


In tough times and shattered moments I often look at Life and say “ This surely couldn’t have been my life’s plan ?” then again realizing the 2nd chance Life has given me I jump up in amazement and tell myself “ THANK GOD its not as per my plan !! Had things gone as per my plan I probably wouldn’t have been alive to write this post this moment”


Truly Life is uncertain. So should that stop us from planning and anticipating? I wonder it often ! Not really I guess ! This was best answered by my teacher who said “Go ahead plan things, be excited about them, enjoy the excitement, work towards achieving them however deep within be prepared that not always things go as per your plan and that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing and enjoying what shows up instead or stop u planning and anticipating LIFE ! So go ahead and plan …”


Currently too I am in that state of uncertainty about LIFE it’s plans for me and my teachers words rang a bell in my head just as I began writing this post, surely a sign from the universe to keep the faith and courageously Go Ahead and Plan !




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