Is this my life’s plan ????

Last nite I was thinking about Life and plans we make. Although I didn’t really get a chance to plan much in my life and had to move from one circumstance to another making the best of what I got, I often hear people planning their life! The concept didn’t quite get past through me.


In tough times and shattered moments I often look at Life and say “ This surely couldn’t have been my life’s plan ?” then again realizing the 2nd chance Life has given me I jump up in amazement and tell myself “ THANK GOD its not as per my plan !! Had things gone as per my plan I probably wouldn’t have been alive to write this post this moment”


Truly Life is uncertain. So should that stop us from planning and anticipating? I wonder it often ! Not really I guess ! This was best answered by my teacher who said “Go ahead plan things, be excited about them, enjoy the excitement, work towards achieving them however deep within be prepared that not always things go as per your plan and that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing and enjoying what shows up instead or stop u planning and anticipating LIFE ! So go ahead and plan …”


Currently too I am in that state of uncertainty about LIFE it’s plans for me and my teachers words rang a bell in my head just as I began writing this post, surely a sign from the universe to keep the faith and courageously Go Ahead and Plan !





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