Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan !


It was a touching moment for me as I saw the wounded Taj silently witnessing the rage and cry for its pain amongst its loved ones. 3rd December 2008 exactly a week since the 60 hrs siege on Mumbai. But what I experienced today was hearting and left its mark on million hearts for sure. Mumbai is hurt yet again, very angry for sure however this time not going to let this pass. It was a proud moment to walk amongst lakhs of Mumbaikar who got together to protest incompetence of the government, support a cause, acknowledge the heroes in uniform, pay tribute to the innocent lives and brave warriors, shout out loud to be heard this time and bring about the change long over due.


It almost felt like a visit down memory lane where freedom fighters would rally for a cause. However their was a stark difference as this was the 21st Century. The undying spirit was just the same infact rekindled in a million hearts.


There were people from all walk  of life be it Ceos, businessmen, housewives, students, celebrities, the common man and  what moved me the most were 2 physically disabled people on wheelchairs with flags in hands shouting slogans and holding pluck cards announcing their willingness to fight against terror. Each Mumbaikar  present there expressed themselves.Many shouted out slogans and held  pluck cards like “Mumbai meri jaan hai, Bharat ki shaan hai” “ Gali gali mein shor hai saare Neta chor hai” “ Bharat Mata kit jai” “Netas you suck” “VIP Very Insensitive People” etc.


There was a  group that represented “ Hugs for peace” inspired the well known ‘Hugs for free’ went around offering hugs who appreciated them, there were street plays conveying their messages and angst on terror and incompetent politicians, there were huge sign boards where people let their messages, there was a special corner where people lit candles to pay their tributes and express their emotions silently, many walked with candles in their hands and each time the breeze try to dampen their spirit some one else would come forth and relight the candle.There were people distributing water to the participants. Each participant unitedly called out slogans,there were many who on seeing the ATS commandos in their vans walked up to them, hugged them, thanked them and clapped for their bravery. The sight to see the smile on the commandos face was touching and invigorating.


All I could see was an ocean of humans filled with different emotions but one cause. I too walked hand tightly held of my 2 best friends Meena and Niki feeling pride in being a Mumbaikar and with a knowing that this adversity surely was a turning point for our darling city of dreams.


We will surely not let it shatter…Kyo ki, yahi to hai Mumbai …Meri Jaan !







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