The comedy of tragedy !

Last evening I watched yet another interesting play by the Rage production ‘The Chaos theory’ I have been following them for a short while and have enjoyed how their playwrights use tricky real life situations and present them in a comic way, where I as an audience always left satisfyingly amused yet took back some provoking thoughts.

Chaos Theory did exactly that to me …incidentally I got back home and read what the playwright Anuvab Pal’s expression was inspired by. He quoted something very interesting “Depending on what constitutes you , you are either about to watch a tragedy with a splash of comic or a roaring comedy with blocks of sadness”

For some reason I tried looking at my life from Anuvab Pal’s perspective. Most often when I look back at incidents that looked like big tragedies then I can often laugh back at now though in the moment of experiencing them they didn’t seem funny at all. However one always has the interesting choice to make. It may seem like a tough choice but was contemplating how comforting life and situations would be if at the moment of experiencing pain one could look at it as “tragedy with a splash of comic or a roaring comedy with blocks of sadness”.

I also liked few more thought provoking dialogues along with the smart play of words, wit at its best. One of them being “May be Simplicity is simple”. I kept thinking that may be there wouldn’t have been a chaos theory in the first place if we could just keep life /situations simple and accept each moment with honesty and were expressive / upfront about our feelings rather than dusting it away under the carpet of false pretence assuring ourselves that now isn’t it the right time may be some other day!

While I am saying what I am saying, however in my heart, I intend making a choice right this moment. Let’s see how far it takes me…what ever be the case I will be back in this space sharing the result of my experimentation.



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2 responses to “The comedy of tragedy !

  1. Anita Sakhuja

    So true Payal. Even I have that intention for Myself..Keep sharing, i love reading your blog

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