Be One !


I have within the passion from fire
The calmness of the earth
The adaptability from water
The swiftness of the air
And the flexibility from the space

How disconnected I am from the truth of my own existence?
Yet I assume I do not belong…
Yet I yearn to ‘BE ONE’!

This post/ poem is inspired by my dear (artist ) friend Vikram Arora’s 1st Solo Show titled “ Becoming One” that I attended last evening. I loved Vikram’s work of art and was thrilled to see it getting recognized and acknowledged.

His journey of connecting with himself and expressing various emotions ( like Harmony, fear, angst, temptation etc )he discovered on the way was beautiful, simplistic yet very vibrant. I found myself connecting with it too and was inspired to write my thoughts on the subject. My personal favorite painting is the one I have attached with the post “Becoming One with Harmony”.

I convey my best wishes to Vikram and sincerely pray that his art may inspire and connect him with his true self and may reach out touching million hearts too.




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3 responses to “Be One !

  1. fritz

    nice one, very insightful…

  2. hi there
    i used to visit your previous blog soul stirring experiences but lost contact forquite some time….and i went there reently to find u have created a new space!!!
    i find it as interestign as your previous space…will keep visiting it from time to time!!
    and i liked the pic of the painting that i have put up!!

  3. nutsaboutlife

    Thanx Shooting Star,
    Its so encouraging to read that u have not only followed my last blog but discovered me again and are part of my new journey. Thanx again. Happy reading and i too am going thru your blog which looks interesting …Congrats on ur wedding 🙂

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