2009- The Year of the underdog!

The underdog by definition is “One that is expected to lose a contest or struggle.
One that is at a disadvantage”
Ironic and contrary to the definition as it may seem… 2009 seems to be the year where the Underdog is surely the winner. Be it president Barack Obama or the film based on an underdog –The Slumdog Millionaire the most recent examples to quote and that inspire me beyond words. I have been thinking on the subject for a while and seem to personally relate to it, thus writing this post.
It’s funny who and what defines an underdog. Plenty of failures or struggles,and why should that be ? I wonder often !
While failures or struggles make one seem as a ‘looser’ what according to me gets unnoticed is the fact that inspite of the ugly reality, the will and persistence to get up each time and win someday is worth noticing. Enduring failures or struggles is a big strength that gets the least importance over one who is always a WINNER. I remember someone wise once said “ Failure is not falling down but refusing to stand after falling down”.
Most often the so called underdog is the one who is worldly wise and learns from his/her own personal life experiences. Life is the greatest teachers of them all. The day the Underdog gets noticed for its true potential and takes charge of situations it usually a turning point and surely makes the world turn heads in awe!
The underdog often has the capability and capacity to deal with risk with ease. He/she drives their energy and vigour from Faith and Fear specially one of failure seems to have diminished over time and circumstances . I think overtime their chaze of materialistic possessions becomes minimalistic and their true passion lies is making a difference and following one’s true calling. I guess that’s what makes them WIN eventually. And what I find ironic is that name, fame, money and power by default fall in their lap. They are driven by their heart, derive inspiration from their surroundings and their tough painful bruises from failures and struggles of the past, pump in the energy to keep them going to achieve their true purpose or destiny. And as the movie Slumdog millionare quotes “ It has been written” and is a blue print of their life that they have pre chosen.
I sincerely do pray that the so called UNDERDOG in 2009 change worldly perception and redefines himself/herself to showcase their true potential.



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2 responses to “2009- The Year of the underdog!

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see this one. Too bad that I haven’t got the tickets for the movie yet. Thanks for the review!

  2. quite interesting, wanna share a thought i heard, “one should alwwys find a way to forgive his past”.

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