Luck By Chance !

Yes yet again my post is inspired by a film and why not ? Whoever said only films are suppose to be inspired by life’s happening. I totally loved the film and performances and surely think Farhan Akthar is too cute, hot and very talented. However what this post is about is the concept ‘Luck by chance’ a carelessly used term and the brilliant irony expressed by the writer on what truly defines ‘Luck’ and the role it plays in each ones life.I loved the protagonist expression about how ‘we chose our successes and failures’ and ‘how one has to work towards one’s goals walking with faith on the path choosen and how faith makes the chosen path the right one.’
This is a subject specially close to my heart and something that I truly have experienced in my life and understood it better with each passing experience. I had always heard the cliché “ Success is 70% hard work and 30% luck” however over the years I have begun to understand its true underline meaning …surely Hard work is the key yet according to my understanding luck is a factor of an undeterred intent and choices that one makes.
Everyone is born lucky yet only a few make it big in life. It’s never about luck or being at the right place at the right time however it is making the best of every moment and trusting that everything is happening for a big reason which eventually leads one to the right place at the right time.
I remember few years back when I got a job at Lintas without being a post graduate I heard people tell me “ You got lucky, I see !”. I didn’t like the sound of it. It made me feel undeserving in their eyes. I knew I was hard working and may be that had paid. That’s when my dear friend Mayank had told me “ Tell them, It’s not luck but I am fortunate !”. At that point I liked the tone of it . Thought it was an assertive way of putting things across however today I realize it meant much more …now the saying ‘Fortune favours the brave’ makes more sense to me and understand it’s connect. Yes one has to be brave and keep on moving on the path chosen and believe that one day he would be lead to his destiny.
Hence everyone is lucky yet only a few are fortunate …I guess that’s coz they choose their luck by their choices and not by chance !



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2 responses to “Luck By Chance !

  1. RAHUL

    I totally agree with you. Have you read ‘The Alchemist’? If not then I would reccomend that you read it. You will definitely love the book as it talks about the same philosophy. I am a firm believer of the same view point and so could not stop myself from appreciating your comments. KUDOS!

  2. vishal

    nice one!

    IMO – no one trusts you with a big job until u r experienced..and u can’t be experienced until u are given a u have to get out there, take the risk and make a plunge. If u come out well, u are golden, if not – repeat!

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