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Flight of Fancy !

It’s fun to fancy where the flight of fancy can take me …
Fancy resting on a soft cloudy hammock –that too on a beautiful sunny Monday morning…
Fancy sipping away strawberry milkshake from a free flowing ocean – that too guilt free!
Fancy hopping around in your dream land in a Kangaroo’s pocket – totally pollution free !
Fancy waking up amongst petals of a beautiful sunflower to the early morning rays of the sun
Fancy flying way in the beautiful blue vast skies chirping like a beautiful little bird
Fancy walking at a beach with white soft sands, crystal blue waters and pink dolphins playing away with mystical divine angels
My fancy to fancy the flight of fancy seem to make want to fancy all along … 🙂

I think, I am going to now take off on my new found flight of fancy
And explore a whole new world of fun, a world quite unknown, a world I can call my own !


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