Zindagi ke panne

Aaj palat rahi thi zindagi ke kuch panne

Har panna jaise apni hi dastaan sunane laga

Kahin pe tha pyaar beshumar

Kahin thi gamon ki bauchaar

Kahi pe naazar aayi thodi si ruswai

Kahi laga, hui bhi thi thodi si jag hasaai


Kuch panne choot gaye they adhoore

Kuch ho kar bhi adhoore, lag rahe they poore

Kuch panno se jhalak rahi thi masoom si hansi

Kahin naazar aayi apne aap se bhi berukhi

Kahin thi arzooein dabi dabi si

Kahin khul ke jee li thi har khushi


Kahin they ankahe izhaar

Aur kabhi naazar ayi pyaar bhari takraar

Kahin mila nok-jhok, hansi-mazak ka khazana

Aur kahin tha dard ka apna afsana


In panno ki dastano ne ehsaas yeh dilaya

Rangeen hai yeh zindagai, har lamhe ka mazaa uthaya  

Is haseen ehsaas se aaj phir naye panno ki kar rahi hun shuruwat

Hai yakeen ki phir se hogi ek nayi takdeer se mulakat!


I have begun to experience and understand what completions mean. I guess I am. Though there is sadness in letting go and closing chapters of life. However it truly is a liberating experience. What inspired me to write this poem was the realization as some chapters of my life are reaching completions there are many new chapters that are beginning to reveal themselves to me. It’s amazing this miracle called life and it’s magical healing ways! Cheers to the universe …Cheers to LIFE!

Also would like to make a special mention of my colleague and a new friend Rahul who is a copywriter and theatre actor in Delhi. He encouraged me to make an attempt to re connect with a language which I feel (I am ashamed to say) am not comfortable with anymore … Yes Hindi …sadly true but thanx to Rahul I have made my 1st attempt and happy to reconnect with my core yet again!



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15 responses to “Zindagi ke panne

  1. Pariksheet

    Interesting Payal

    Its good that you are managing to close some chapters and opening new ones
    thats called the circle of life

    The only comment I can make is that I am sure life is going to treat you right as a very lucky few.. like you manage to get a second shot at it. Feeling complete is what will let you enjoy your new life

    All the very best draling


  2. lovely write-up payal….loved the feelings and expressions 🙂 there is an eternal charm in hindi..seriously..

  3. This is beautiful! You write very well. Hope life gives you all what you deserve and more 🙂

    Love Seema

  4. RAHUL

    see i was so right! you can write so well. i really loved it. i believe wat ur fren sonali says is really right…hindi has its own charm. so keep writing now….n THANKS for the acknowledgement! i will also start writing my play soon, inspired by ur inspiration…

  5. Lushoo Kapoor

    Payal, you are indeed gifted

  6. i loved it…i don think i need to say more.

  7. किसी दिन ऐसा भी हो, कि हम एक पन्ना पलटे,
    और इक दास्तान आपकी, अंग्रेजी अक्षरों में न लिखी हो.

  8. nutsaboutlife

    Thank You friends …I am overwhelmed with the comments and encouragement.
    @Gizabonts- i get what u say and promise that too will happen. This was a 1st attempt at reconnecting and gathering together my thoughts in Hindi
    @ all u wonderful people thanks so so much for the encouragement. Its friends like u that make me explore, express and share 🙂

  9. hi paayal,
    made my day (or should i say night :d)

    it was an exercise in translation with my limited grasp of the language. but at the end of it all, there was only one thing,

    pages, and pages and pages and pages of life.

    yours, mine and everybody’s.

    gr8 going.

  10. sonali

    lovely.. you’ve captured the emotions in your mind quite well..

    keep writing.. the words and thoughts will only get better.. 🙂

  11. S K Modi

    Panne palatate rahiye. Kisi din kitaab poori ho hi jaayegi.

    Liked your bit about being ashamed of not feeling comfy with Hindi.

  12. vishal

    wah.wah.wah..kya baat hai, hindi se kya rishta joda, tum me to puri poem hi likh daali 🙂

  13. Anita

    Beautiful poem Payal! It touched my heart. You are very talented girl, keep it up.

  14. nutsaboutlife

    @ Gupta Ghost …Ur too sweet i love ur persistence …i will translate this for u in my best capacity.
    @ Sk Modi …loogo ka pyaar aur ashirwad raha to kitab hi likhungi
    @Vishal ..rishta joodna muje pasaand hai 🙂
    @Anita thanx girl for ur love and appreciation 🙂

  15. Devi

    Hey Payal,

    Your blog and this poem are manifestations of life. I am wondering how closer can one get to de-mystify one’s own life.

    On reading “Zindagi Ke Panne” I almost thought that I had run into Sampooran Singh “Gulzaar” (don’t believe me…then listen to his monologues in “Maraasim”)

    I am left impressed with the way you take a ringside view of vignettes that life has to offer.

    Cheers to life !

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