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Life – The Optical Illusion ?

Octavio Ocampo_Buddha

This subject has been brewing in my head sincle last few weeks. I began when i head Yashi aunty say how everything in our life was an optical illusion …people we see in front of us and claim to be able to touch, feel and experience is actually just a form of energy, the sunrises and sunsets that we enjoy so much are actual an illusion. The sun doesn‘t  really rise or set, it just is …it’s the earth that revolves around it. The ‘horizon’ that we admire and are in awe of when we stand the ocean shore doesn‘t actually exist either. It‘s not that i havent heard this before yet this time it made me ponder !

The Illusions of life have become so real to us that we are so attached to them,we live them each moment, we love them , we hate them, we get restless about them, we are possesive of them, we constantly try to undertand and decode their truth, we even struggle to own them.

Very few enlighten souls are actually able to look beyond this illusion.Most of us just spend our entire life stuggling with the illusion. Not that i have been able to look beyond the illusion myself yet. Makes me realize how fruitless the stuggle of owning and living in it is. Yet don’t seem to find a way out or rather wonder if it‘s the fear of having to face the reality that i fear…Atleast the 1st step is that I am concious of it’s existence, further I am sure my destiny shall reveal a way ahead …Till such time I live in amazement of  the creator and his thoughts – the one who created Life – the Optical Illusion !



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