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Contributions !

Recently on my trip to Thailand I spent a day in and around the ocean and was admiring god’s unique creation . The ocean never fails to fascinate me and each time I spend time by it’s side it has always given much more than I could ever ask for. This time too from the shore I began to admire it’s vastness, as I ventured into the same I was in awe of it’s depth, it’s colours and shades fascinated me, it was a miracle to see how it’s depth, force and very nature of water could destroy life and the very same miracle nurtured and housed all sorts of creations within it’s self with ease. The ocean to me demonstrated it’s might, ego and humility at the same go. It taught me lessons of life yet again …
I wondered how the ocean has been gifted with so many diversities. As

I admired and pondered further I realized that the ocean’s beauty in totally, that I admired was actually a gift of various contributions it had received in it’s journey to become what I admired it as today …yes the ocean wouldn’t have been so vast had it not been for the contributions from various rivers and streams that gave themselves selflessly to the ocean. The clouds, the rain, the sun too unconditionally contributed to it’s beauty. The mother earth in all it’s humility gathered and held together the ocean in it’s arms nurturing it and teaching it lessons of humbleness inspite of it’s might, to keep itself confined to it’s own boundaries. . . It’s depth, humility, force, lessons were not it’s own but blessings from all it’s contributors. It is these contributions that had made the ocean a miracle of the universe.

Similarly off late I was admiring my own miraculous life and what I had become today . Which as you would realize is something I am very very happy and humbled about. What I see of my self today was not something I ever anticipated in my childhood or for that matter in my growing up years too. For that matter I didn’t even realized what each situation or person that I liked or disliked did to me untill very recently.

In my unawareness I never realized how each incident and person kept making their selfless contribution to my existence that I experience today. The contributions have gifted me my will power, my never say die attitude, experiences of grace & unconditional love, made me believe in miracles, showed me how there is light after every dark tunnel, made me realize how every trying situation only polished my strengths and brought forth my true inner beauty, they taught me lessons of humbleness, true love, divine surrender, soul connections, compassion and truly what relationships and family mean.Each contribution enriched me as an individual and still continues to do so. I am what I am thanks to all wonderful contributions I have been blessed with.

While it may be difficult to reach out to each contributor to acknowledge and thank them from the depth of my heart. This post of mine today is a dedication and a big thank you to each and every contributor to my life. Just as the ocean, it is these blessings contributed towards my life that make it yet another miracle of the universe !


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