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They say …

They say I live in an illusionary world.
…when I know the true world is what I found within!

They say I have no grip on life’s realities.
…when I know that struggling to get a grip is what never let me flow!

They say they feel disconnected with me.
…when I know I have begun to experience true meaning of connections!

They say I am slipping away.
…when I know the free fall is the only way!

They say I am lost.
…when I know this time for sure that I have finally found myself!


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Lessons from Nature – Purpose

I spent the weekend in mother nature’s lap …and as I cuddled in silence there were a lot of stories she began to unfurl to me. It was a magical experience and very powerful. It has surely penetrated to the depth of my core .Here’s a lesson amongst many that I received from mother nature.

What is my purpose ?

 I often keep asking and seeking answers to this question. I know many of us do …So what is truly my purpose of this life? Do I have a long life or short? Will I do something meaningful before I go? What is that? How will I know about it ? are some of the questions that I have been asking last couple of years.

A wise one  ( my angel as I lovingly call him) told be a few months back …don’t look for big things to do to fulfill ur purpose .It could be just small little things that could make a difference and touch someone’s life and that would be ur purpose for that moment. I thought it was an interesting view point but don’t think was completely convinced on the same until last Saturday morning.

I was at my Silient retreat and it was our 3rd day there. As I walked to my seminar hall that morning I chanced up the most beautiful and unique flower I have ever noticed. It was white and lavender and trust me beyond that I have absolutely no worlds to describe it’s beauty. What was amazing that it had blossomed that very day coz I had seen that plant before. It just was stunning and very very unique. Have never seen anything like that before. I went for the seminar and waited for the break to come back to admire the beauty. I was mesmerized by it, if I may say so. I stood there for long just admiring and capturing it in my heart( was so itching to get my hands on the camera then) as I left I promised my self next day being the last day I wld surely come back and capture the beauty in my camera too. Next morning as I approached the plant …

I was shocked. The flower had wilted. I cldnt stand there at the point but was in deep sorrow for the next few moments. That’s  when I questioned myself… It was such a beauty that gave so much joy to my heart why then did it have to wilt so soon… why did it have such a short life?

That’s when it struck me that may be the flower had actually fulfilled it’s purpose for this  lifetime. May be it’s purpose was to outshine itself and spread it’s beauty in my heart, give me joy that I shall retain in my life time and touch my life. May be it’s life and so it’s purpose was momentary yet had left a lasting impression on my heart forever. It made me realize what my angel  actually meant.

Thus what I learnt was …The purpose of life could be as small as giving momentary joy to some one’s life or as big as leaving a lasting impression. Life for that matter need not be measured by the number of years it would last however how it could be lived in it’s fullest glory and how many lives it could touch in it’s life time .

 As a tribute to that beautiful flower I surely am going to live each moment of my life (no matter how long or short it may be) to the fullest and spread my happiness that I gather in the journey to as many hearts I can. And that would be my purpose …


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