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The beauty of the trail …


Lots of sunshine,

 And some rain.

Lots of joy,

And some pain.

 Lots of gain,

And some that went in vain.

 Lots of bonds,

 And some who were gone.

 Yet when it’s time to look back

All I can see is the beauty of trail, no matter how far, no matter how frail!

 All I see is the beauty of trail …


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Advaita 2009

Advaita means non-duality, oneness, harmony. I can’t imagine a better platform from the universe for my debut photography show. Yes it’s finally happening today. An intention that I put across to the universe in 2007 inspired by my dear friends Atul and Sushma Sabnis’s show at Nehru Center at Sushma’s show. That was the time when nobody knew what was enstore for me ,not even in the coming days leave alone the future. However the universe surely had a plan (I strongly believe so) and that’s when participating in Sushma’s Advaita 2009 germinated as an intention in my heart and over two years gave me a purpose to make it happen for me. Not only was there the will and patience to make it happen from my end, but also there has been amazing support, contributions, guidance consciously and subconsciously from the universe in unimaginable forms.
Today is the 1st Beautiful day of my new journey mapped out by the universe for me. I am very thrilled, excited to discover where it is going to take me. This show case of mine “ Growth” series is a dedication to my dearest Papa &Mummy,my darling sister Sonal,my God mother Yashi aunty, my Master Magician Prasad( my teacher), the Transformation process, my Reiki Family, Dr. Bhansali & Dr. Nozer( all my doctors and nurses),my amazing friends Niki, Meena, Reshma,Sushma, Rayo, Siraj (can’t mention all of them as the list is unending, however surely pray for each one of them from the bottom of my heart and know they know it too) , the innumerable contributors who came into my life in various forms and to myself for bringing about this magic for me.

Cheers to my New Beginning !
Do Visit,
Advaita 2009
Venue : Kohinoor Continental Hotel ( Art Gallery)
Dates : 16th to 31st Dec 2009
Time : 11am to 7pm

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