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Expressions of Love !

Though the eyes can’t see u, my heart knows ur always by my side…… No lifetime is long enough to outgrow the love u have left inside. U are my fav star, keep shinning bright…. My world is a happy place coz I’m living in ur light !! – Sonal Kumar

This beautiful loving poem by my sister made me think on different expressions of love that people have. LOVE is The Bestest thing god ever created…sadly we mostly associate it with romance or a life partner or heart break or a Valentine. I guess that’s why we often over look the beauty of love and it’s expressions that exist in each of our lives.

Love expressions to me are all kinds. Some are silent and some expressive, some never heard of  but felt in the heart,some that are deeper than what meets the eye, some that touch your soul momentary but linger in your heart forever,some that bring tears of joy, some just the thought brings about a smile, some that give you your purpose of life, some that unconditionally just touch many lives, some that give a definite meaning to your existence,some even use prayer to reach out, and then there are some that just makes ur days happy and bright.

This post of mine is my expression of love for my darling papa who like love was the bestest thing that happened in my life.  His momentary presence made me explore and experience so many expressions of love there are in life!!  Love you Papa 🙂



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Seeking Perfection !

Perfection, and the need to seek it in every aspect of life!! It’s such an illusion we have created for ourselves, haven’t we? I have being toying with this subject last few months …What is perfection? Why is it so important? It’s so misleading? It’s so heart breaking? Why does seeking it bring about struggle?

The perfect job, the perfect dress, the perfect look, the perfect meal, the perfect vacation, the perfect mate…where did this need for perfection arise from? I often wonder what would have been it’s source cause even nature doesn’t support the concept of perfection. Had that been the case then why would the perfect looking lotus enhance the beauty of an ugly dirty pond by growing in it, why would the perfect looking moon have craters that would make it look imperfect from a distance, why would a perfect looking butterfly have to evolve and struggle as a caterpillar to be that beautiful butterfly in it’s right time.

I have been contemplating for long and I realized that perfection was intended to be evaluated not as a object in comparison but as an individual concept. What I mean it’s not something that is perfect but is that something perfect for you. This realization dawned upon me when I looked around at all my friends who I had considered to have been lucky to find their perfect mates. They were just so perfect together …I loved them as people…still on further introspecting I realized they were all ordinary people, with their strengths and weaknesses, they weren’t perfect in any way. They were like any other ordinary people I knew. Yet they were special and yet they together were perfect for each other.

That’s when universe’s little secret was revealed to me. Perfection was acceptance; Perfection was about loving things, situations and people just as they were intended to be. Perfection was intended to be beautiful and not be an object of beauty. To think of it Monaliza’s smile is considered the perfect smile…I can bet my life even Monaliza didn’t believe that she had the perfect smile. Just as we struggle to accept our existence, our situations and ourselves everything is really perfect in the moment. Everything that shows up for us in life is intended to be perfect for that moment. With every changing moment perfection evolves. Honestly I too struggle to seek perfection …but off late I’m realizing every thing in my life is just perfect for me in this moment, just the way it is intended to be. The more I accept this truth the more perfect my life begins to feel.


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