Love you forever …

है मोहब्बत का जस्बा बेहद हसीन
दिल में हो दर्द फिर भी दुआ ही निकली
हो चाहे हकीकत बेरंग,फिर भी हर याद लगती है आज भी रंगीन
है मोहब्बत का जस्बा बेहद हसीन…
हो चाहे सिर्फ एक एहसास उनकाही सा, आज भी खिला दे लाभों पे प्यार्री सी एक हसी 
है मोहब्बत का जस्बा बेहद हसीन
दिल में हो दर्द फिर भी दुआ ही निकली …
This poem of mine is a dedication to the beautiful experience of ” Intimate Love”. I was pondering on the experiences and relized no matter how many times you experience it or feel it…the feeling is just the same 🙂 Over the years i learnt that it’s like any emmotion and can be experienced at different times with different intensity and different people. It grows on you over time and situations, irrespective if it’s one way or the ideal two way. It’s mystical, it’s magical, it’s beautiful  !
However what i am yet to experience and understand is what makes the heart click to ‘THE ONE’ u land up wanting to spend your entire life with ! 🙂


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4 responses to “Love you forever …

  1. Now that is a mystery not many get to solve. Like Chandler Bing says, when the right one walks in from that door, you would have to say – No thank You , I am married 🙂

  2. Navin Q

    Another facet of Payal… Loved the lines 🙂

    As far as The One is concerned, I’d say, from personal experience, that the heart is not to be trusted as far as its “clicking” is concerned.

    The clicking is usually based on one’s needs at that particular moment of time and anyone fulfilling those needs gets the heart clicking. [Wonder if this is making sense now…]

    For me, personally, finding the One was all about whether she is important in every decision I make? Do the consequences of my decisions in life take her into consideration? Not that she wanted me to change, but whether she unknowingly motivated me to be a better me. When that started happening with me, I knew this was someone precious that I cared for and wanted to cherish for the rest of my life.

    Just my two bits 🙂

    Keep smiling,

  3. Sabina

    Gosh….girl you are talented and how !!!!

    loved the words…. ‘It’s mystical, it’s magical, it’s beautiful !’

  4. nutsaboutlife

    @ Vinod …HAIL Baba Bing ! He indeed lands up sharing harsh realities of life in subtle humour and scarsmm, doesn’t he !:)
    @ Naveen …Loved your two bits …it is indeed beautiful what you shared and made me think …Thanks Friend 🙂
    @ Sabina…Dnt know about talent girl these are just feelings straight from the heart the fingers just try to play with the words 🙂 Thanx for your appreciation, encouraging !

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