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Mumbling Mind !

It must be from another life!
Seems so far, yet faintly in sight.
It must be from another life!
Memories so strong, yet can’t seem to relate in this life.
It must be from another life!
Disconnect so clear, yet I wonder why I put up the fight.
It must be from another life!
Glad to have finally woken up, yet experiencing this all new ‘real’ life !


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What’s your view ?

How simple was life when all I had was view on which new flavor of ice cream I enjoyed better or what my view on the latest movie was or at the most what my view on my favorite summer holiday destination was etc …but now I have supposedly grown up.

I live in a world where view points, opinions and judgments are an integral part of day to day life. There is a fierce competition on your view that you present and most importantly how creatively and convincingly you do it. Your views are judged and you are categorized as to how intellectual are you ? Not having view baffles people around too.

You expected to have view on everything …right from the latest tax structures introduced on the automobile industry, to a volcanic ash floating all over UK, to how 2 assumingly smart people fooled the world and made good monies and then outsmarted each other and landed themselves exposed by another set of smarter people whose only aim was to decode the smartness of the two and look smarter than them to the world. What’s even funny is the world at large gauging the controversy and out smarting each other in analyzing the smartness to prove to be smarter … Did any of this make any sense ? I guess my view is not as intellectual as yours ! 🙂

No I am not attempting to ridicule any one or neither am I stating that one should not have a view about things. Infact sharing one’s view point and perspective surely enriches oneself and the others around. What my angst is against, this crazy race to outdo and out smart each other that too basis rented intellect. It’s not about enriching the other but about how can the other look like dimwit individual. Sad, but true !

Why does having a specific view put you in categories ? Why can it just be a view, your view? Why does it have to be judged and get glorified titles ( most often than not ridiculed titles) added to you ?

Why can’t just a wonderful scenery right in front of your eyes just be your view? 🙂

Having said what I have,I know I can’t change any of this. The only thing I can change is to accept people and their views about views in general and let them be. And be happy viewing it all and yet not having a view about the same if I choose not to . Even that would be a view, wouldn’t it  !

So then, what ‘s you view on this post ? 😉

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I was ME …

I was ‘me’ till I met them.

They were a herd,

 As much as I tried I couldn’t match up to them.

 I stood out , I struggled to get heard.

 The heart yearned,

The eyes craved,

 I even fought my fate and masked myself in vain.

 Yet they were a herd,

 And as much as I tried I couldn’t match up to them.

 In sheer defeat,

 I surrendered to destiny.

 Life took interesting twist and turns,

The world went topsy-turvy or was it me ?

 I yet don’t seem to belong,

They are still a herd ,

 I surely wasn’t destined to be one of them

Coz I was ‘Me’ and never meant to be them !


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