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Bonded by LOVE !

Bonded by blood is what they told me about,

Bonded by relationships is what i discovered over time,

Bonded by love is what i eventually experienced by grace.

Bonds by blood and relationships felt so obligatory; there was an underlying sense of struggle to cope or to compete. It felt binding rather than bonding!

On the other hand Bonds of Love felt like a breath of fresh air, so pure, so unconditional, so liberating,  unsaid yet so deeply rooted. It is to be experienced, to be savoured, felt within one’s heart,and cherished in one’s soul. It’s expressions are so subtle yet they have a magical way of always reaching out in it’s mysterious ways.

I wonder then, why didn’t they tell me about it in the 1st place?

May be, because it’s so divine that only when you are willing to seek it with true passion  and are open to acknowledging it’s existence does it reveal itself to you via relationships that are not binding nor do they have any titles attached to them yet their  sheer presence makes life whorth living.

I feel very grateful to the universe and blessed for being bonded with such beautiful Bonds of Love in my life !



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