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Flow of thoughts …

Flowing as the stream,

Blowing as the breeze,

Running on twisted pathways,

Gushing as the waves,

Chirping as the little bird,

Singing as a nightingle,

Still as a lake,

Calm as the misty morning, living each beautiful moment

Knowing in my heart, it may not be the same again !

25th July 2010, 6am, Patni Top Hill Station


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एक मीठा सा एहसास !

है ठंडी हवा का ख्वाब महसूस करवाना सिर्फ एक एहसास,

 है नदी के बहाव  को सिर्फ अपनी मंजिल की तलाश,

है सूरज की रोशिनी को सिर्क अपना उजाला फैलाने की आस,

 है फूलों  की महक को सिर्क चेहरे  पे मुस्कराहट  लाने की प्यास,

 यह बंधते नहीं दैरो में किसी के,

 न रूकती है इनकी रफ़्तार,

 इनको अपना बना पाना ही सिर्फ दिल में समेत लेना एक मीठा सा एहसास !

 20th  July 2010, LEH

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De mystifying the mountains – an atempt!

Mighty they stand, clad in snow,

Stillness at heart , spreads their glow,

In the glory of the sun they bathe and grow,

With clouds on their shoulders they pretend to flow,

Melting away their fears, mighter they go,

Their awareness of their own existence makes me want to seek so much more.

@ Leh 1st morning 5:30 am 13th July 2010

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