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Warmest Birthday Love Sharing ever ….

There are people who are strong.
And then there ‘s a girl in front of whom the worlds strenght pale and withers away.
For over 3 years now i have been inspired and humbled by her strenght, humour and spirit.
She’s truly one of a kind and i’m so glad when i’m feeling weak or burdened, i can think of her and at once realize how silly and weak i am behaving.
Payal, your a rock, your a jaan.
And you are an artist.
I pray to be as strong and as talented as you.
I pray for you to be happy, shiny and inspiration always.
Sunshine and light and love in ur life always.

This love sharing leaves me speechless and i’m sure if ever i’m low this will be my my strenght … Thanks Anand Love u lots !


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