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Walking the distance …

The Distance we walked together once

Is the distance that has made it’s way between us today

The love that flowed unconditionally once

Is the love that seeks its worth today

The perfect strangers we met as once

Is strangely what we have become to each other today again

But my heart knows for sure

It’s time that bound us together once

And the very same time will bind our hearts again …

This post of mine is to all those who feel the distance with their closest ones at some point or the other in their life. It’s inevitable I think considering the complex society and conditioning we live in , however how we choose to deal with it is whats makes the difference.  I have been questioning for a while, on relationships and how they fall apart.

I have been hearing  people say “relationships suck” or “only blood relationships last” or “Anything but blood relationships last” or” relationships cause pain” etc.

However on much pondering the thoughts that came up to me were that it’s not relationships that are bad or good but what we expect out of them or how we give to them importance over our own lives  or how attached ourselves to them expecting reciprocation is what usually causes the illusion of hurt or pain or falling apart. May be if they remained unconditional or without the need to possess them  or have authority over them it would be a different  ball game. Having said that it’s yet a subject I am  exploring and discovering as I move ahead step by step on my journey of life . The heart surely believes I will find my way through this too …


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