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Love is a feeling …

Love is a feeling I can’t deny no matter even if ur just a lie
Love is a feeling I can’t resist no matter how far u exist
Love is a feeling I can’t betray no matter even if ur heart is astray
Love is a feeling for u I live in, no matter how unreal it is,
in my world I just give in.

17th March 2011


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You Complete Me !

For years I loved the dialogue from my favorite film ‘Jerry Maguire’ ‘ U complete me !’ Today I realize how I always misunderstood it. I thought awww how romantic! I wondered if there exist so much love and if I could find it too someday. I (mis) understood it as the other completes and fills my life (or life’s void ) by his existence and love…however I just realized what it really really means.:)

Its not the other who completes U, but it is when his / her existence in ur life makes u explore, understand and connects U with urself that really completes. U !

Isn’t it so simple and beautiful. Yet took all these years of struggle to reach this moment of truth.

Yes love such as this exist and in everyones life, it exist WITHIN . All it needs is a realization/openness to be able to identify and connect to ur soul’s chosen partner for this journey, the one who makes u connect with yourself and makes u feel complete with your self by his mere existence ! 🙂

Life’s simple,isn’t it ? I wonder how all these years I was so good at complicating it ! Phewww… I’m glad universe gave me a 2nd chance to live and understand it’s true essence. Yes i know this understanding is yet my own interpretation of the truth however it feels right for the moment and empowers me ! 🙂 Thank you Universe ! Love u lots …

16th April 2011,11pm.

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Who belongs to me ?

Nothing belongs to me, I belong to nothing. Yet I’m conditioned to believe the opposite of it. In my quest to possess I create restlessness and pain for myself. I create illusionay happiness too with my perceived victory. And when my object of my possession goes away because in reality it never really belonged to me, just existed because of my illusion, I wallow and self inflict pain.Then I struggle to let go of the pain.What a draining cycle it is, isn’t it ?

LET GO of what is the question I asked myself today as i woke up with a conflict in my mind? That’s how I chanced upon the truth.

I realized that everything is just a medium of ur existence and source for u to some day look through the illusion. U too are a medium for the other. Yet we spend all our lives trying to belong or possess. A parent is just a medium of the child to come into existence, the child is the medium for the parent to full fill the parents existence and purpose. A lover is perhaps just a medium for one to realize love the exist in themselves and experience / witness the inner truth that anyways exists but unfortunately most often we get trapped in the illusion. As complicated or easy as this sounds, it’s is the truth !

I too am trapped in this illusion at the moment. Now that the truth has dawned upon me I don’t really know how I will break free through it. Yet something says if I did I will experience bliss and freedom.

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