You Complete Me !

For years I loved the dialogue from my favorite film ‘Jerry Maguire’ ‘ U complete me !’ Today I realize how I always misunderstood it. I thought awww how romantic! I wondered if there exist so much love and if I could find it too someday. I (mis) understood it as the other completes and fills my life (or life’s void ) by his existence and love…however I just realized what it really really means.:)

Its not the other who completes U, but it is when his / her existence in ur life makes u explore, understand and connects U with urself that really completes. U !

Isn’t it so simple and beautiful. Yet took all these years of struggle to reach this moment of truth.

Yes love such as this exist and in everyones life, it exist WITHIN . All it needs is a realization/openness to be able to identify and connect to ur soul’s chosen partner for this journey, the one who makes u connect with yourself and makes u feel complete with your self by his mere existence ! 🙂

Life’s simple,isn’t it ? I wonder how all these years I was so good at complicating it ! Phewww… I’m glad universe gave me a 2nd chance to live and understand it’s true essence. Yes i know this understanding is yet my own interpretation of the truth however it feels right for the moment and empowers me ! 🙂 Thank you Universe ! Love u lots …

16th April 2011,11pm.


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