Break Free !

I found myself trapped unconscious to reality
I looked around and found more like me

They were there much longer and had accepted their fate
They looked so comfortable that they seemed happy in their state

I was naïve and they made me imbibe their fate
I too began to seek happiness from my sorry state

One day I got striked by fate and felt the presence of divine grace
I saw light and freedom staring right at my face

It looked so beautiful and yet mysteriously unknown
Luring me to break free from my known zone

It dazzled and charmed its way to my heart
Left me seeking to be it’s part!

I know I have to break free to reach out!

Each time I make an attempt I struggle, fight and fail
I loose hope n willingly come back to the comfort of my jail.

Inspite of the howling and the pain, this time the heart is adamant to BREAK FREE and never come back again!


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