The Light !


Today  I wonder, have I become what attracted me to the strange ray of light that I saw at the end of my dark tunnel of life or was it that it mirrored my true hidden self in the flash of it’s existence. I surely did get carried away and enamoured by the beauty of it’s brightness, purity & innocence of it’s existence. Was even blinded for a while by it’s illusion finding myself becoming one with it’s non existential empowering presence. I really had never seen anything like that before and yet after the years of struggling with painful & scary darkness, that ray of light is what seemed that the heart had been craving for all my life. Although it lasted only for moments but it left me in the darkness yet again, shattered and scared of feeling trapped forever.

What I just realized is that the ‘Light’ actually came to nudge me to explore and witness the darkness further, discover and break free from my limiting self, break open my heart (which i kept feeling was shattered beyond repair this time) only to let out what really lied within, crying and craving for years to find it’s freedom.

The journey so far has been very very tough for sure …yet now that I see the light within me, it all just makes perfect sense and worth it. I pray here on, that the Light within me attract’s only oure beautiful Light that will merge with me in oneness and burst opens itself showering it’s self like shimmering, twinkling beautiful stars to everyone we touch.


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