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Love is… ?


I keep hearing the term ” Falling in Love” and “Falling out of love” so often these days. Actually been hearing them forever. And since I have been seeking for a while what love really is ? I am confused at this moment with what i have been made to understand or rather limited understanding of love I have gathered and i can bet there are majority like me out there. infact majority just happy to live in ignorance as most don’t seem to care or want to know the truth as it will disillusion their conditioned belief systems passed over by generations and they will be lost. Hence most are happy living in the illusion. 🙂

My spiritual seeking tells me ” Love is eternal ”  and “Love is the highest form of energy ” . If this true then falling in love or out of it is an illusion, isn’t it ? 

Coz if it’s eternal it cannot end  and if it’s energy it must just be flowing between everyone we interact with, or just still exists between two people who may not even feel it anymore and may be it perhaps keeps taking new form as it’s eternal. possible isn’t it ?

So basically  so far most  of us have been fooling ourselves by the concept of love being attachment to specific people in our lives or a mate. and may be there is truth in that too.  It surely keeps us busy i guess. It keeps us feeling loved or unloved or seeking love, worthy or unworthy as the case may be. We spend most of our lives either finding it, loosing it or seeking it or falling out of it to re seek it !  It’s funny if u think of it …just a vicious cycle to kill time and justify our existence …ha ha ha !

As for me i’m still seeking and lost …i don’t have the answers or understanding yet and i know there are many out there perhaps have been enlightened …however i’m putting it out here to the universe to send me the wisdom on this subject so loosely used or misunderstood for years. I don’t want to defy mass belief, or prove any point, i’m only seeking deeper meaning so i can look past the illusion, expand to a higher space and experience love for how it was intended to be experienced.

What love really is …?


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