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You may say i’m a dreamer …

I recently had my Shenghan visa rejected twice, I lost out on the trip I had planned to celebrate a milestone year with my friends who live in different countries now and  I hadn’t met together in a decade, they currently are on the trip enjoying and missing me too.I have lost a lot of money and had to go through angst of visa applications and rejections which is still not over and has a process to complete. It has been a great learning at many levels for me personally ! I trust universe knows best for me …I  also understand It happened due to my personal lack of knowledge or curiosity on French visa stringent rules & requirements if invited and staying with a French resident, taking for granted an agent would help with paper work,  my agents team’s lack of guidance and ignorance and being stuck in a French bureaucratic loop inspite of my dear friend from France inviting me for a  just a short part of the trip, personally running around inspite of a hectic schedule to submit all her documents requested. Yet being disappointed on me not reaching her as yet !  You know I’m not so heart broken about the trip getting cancelled, even been humouring myself about it and taken it in my stride as it’s not  surely my last trip in life.and I surely will get there sooner or latter. However I’m  APPALLED by every single friend who reached out to me or heard my story telling me how I was a fool to not show bogus hotel bookings to get a tourist visa. 😱 it’s not just one person every single one said the same and  It’s got me thinking and v upset too by our accepted thought process and norms.  We, most of us atleast seem to accept that we live in a society where ” Honesty”  doesn’t work, if u have to get ur ways and quick u have to learn to lie/ cheat/manipulate and be bloody good at it , ur considered an idealistic or a fool to be honest and laughed at coz u pay a price and loose out if u stand by ur values. And what’s worse bureaucracy seems to advocate dishonesty too as it’s blind and believes what it sees or is shown most often.  I know I can’t change others and their choices, so I have two choices either to give up on my belief and adapt or to stand by my values and hope there are more like me out there who surely exist and will get together, raise a collective consciousness some day soon, that will create a better new world.  Imagine a world …Where values like authenticity, honestly, courage, selflessness, service, unconditional love, co existence, sensitivity etc will breathe freely and thrive.Where we won’t have to pay a price or be ridiculed for our strengths and uniqueness. We won’t idealise each other but inspire and co exist encouraging each other to grow. We won’t need to compete to feel successful and empowered yet we will all participate for the joy of participation and creations. We won’t need to constantly protect ourselves or our countries and raise high boundaries that can’t be entered into to experience our beautiful diversities, uniqueness and beauty, where trusting each other will be effortless. Where generosity and hearts will be v large. Gratitude will be a way of life.Peace and love with thrive. Where everything will be abundant at all times. No mask will be needed and the true self will shine. Where our children will feel safe and grow up in warm beautiful loving healthy environments freely. Where no illnesses will exist and death will be a natural ageing process.Mother Earth will be truly joyous, alive and flourishing… Wow, I just can go on and on, feels so good just the thought of it, doesn’t it ? 😀 Well, You may say I’m a dreamer … but I’m not the only one …:)) this is how it was intended by the creator I feel … we messed up some where on the way. High time to start cleaning up and getting back to the original intent of the universe !   It is possible ! I know it …my heart knows it …it will happen !  I surely pledge to take ownership in every little way I can, consciously taking steps to contribute to this magnificent creation of this beautiful dream world of mine … will u join me too, please ? 🙂


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