My Dear Loving BIG heart,


My Dear Loving BIG heart,

I always wondered why u were so big? You stood out to me amongst most hearts I saw around me.  For as long as I can remember I thought you were a defect  I was born with. You rejoiced in other’s joys like it was your own, you felt the pain of others and cried unreasonably, you gave and gave, you loved deeply even if the other didn’t love you back, you got bruised, broken and even shattered time and again in the bargain. You are scarred beyond repair. Yet you are filled with love, you beat for others, you forgive, you understand, you don’t give up on people and you pray even for the ones who bruised you and caused you pain.  You get shattered yet gather your pieces back and beat to the same tunes again.   I wondered often what was the point of being so big and so full of love. I cried in pain to see you not fit in anywhere, for you to be ridiculed, mocked and for those times no one could see your love overflowing. I really wondered if ur existence mattered to anyone but to me, who too treated you just like an organ that keeps me alive.

However, off late I’ve started to see you for what you are, scarred yet so beautiful and rare. Your beauty is magnificent, not may yet see you yet ur light has begun to shine and radiate me, enrich me, make me love myself, help me empathise with others. I have also begun to protect you for those who don’t seem to understand how rare and precious you are. I’ve started to nurture and allow your wounds to heal. I’ve begun to see the beauty of your scars as so many battles you withstood with love. I can see you so joyfully brimming with love. I’ve have begun to accept your bigness, your love, your depth, your openness fully. I truly love you for who you are. And I promise never to try fit you in any place. You’re meant to be seen only by the brave who equally have a big and scarred heart. And I’m okay with that and for the others you let your love flowing unconditionally.

I love you lots and I promise to take care of you forever no matter what!

Love always,



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