The journey towards mindfullness…

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I often wish there was an easier way of learning your life lessons. I wish they were not hard on you or you didn’t have to lose people or pay a price to learn them. Then again probably those people or situations where the life lessons. And maybe this life was given to us for learning and evolving.

I have often heard and used the phrase “Wise men learn from others mistakes, fools their own “. I’m sure the wise were not born wise they too faced their life challenges and lessons and got wiser. the only difference perhaps is some people learn and get wiser faster, fools refuse to learn and keep repeating their mistakes for a long time and sometimes forever as they are too busy caught up in their own self-created maze, fighting their situation, choosing to live in ignorance and blaming the world.

I’ve been a fool for most parts of life …kept repeating my mistakes in all my ignorance and been to busy in my own self created maze.  I kept telling myself “ignorance is bliss “. But is it, really? It kind of worked for me too many occasions where I had to fight v tough battles of life, it felt far convenient. But last few years when life knocked me down really hard again and  I knew for sure this time my ignorance was not working for me anymore.  I knew I had to change something … I couldn’t bear living in the pain caused by my ignorance time and again. I had to look for a solution …it had to be somewhere within. It’s been feeling gruesome to even accept my pattern of repeating my mistakes. Its taken a lot to finally accept things I have been doing that have not been working for me…And I am finally realizing “Awareness, sure is a far better navigator than Ignorance “.

I guess I’m getting wiser finally! 😉

I’m also realizing, as much as going with the flow and your heart is important so is discipline, practice, preparation, vision, far sight, having a larger picture in mind and having personal goals. All of what I hate to confess I ran far away from so far.  Life is surely about ” Balance” both are important,  I still don’t know how to imbibe them, yet this time my acceptance of the past mistakes and awareness of the now has begun my navigation. it’s still a slow process, fears still come up, i still feel the pain and mistakes still happen but I know I’m headed in the right direction…and the journey towards mindfulness has begun…lets c where it takes me this time …


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