I am just one of you. Just unique in my own way :)A young advertising professional from the city of Mumbai ( India) who for the last 12 years was running the rat race to get some where in life only to realize that she was running in circles. Until June 2007 when i had a biggest break down of my life. But very adversity with it brings  a new chance or a new begining. My new begining got me to discover a new ‘ME’ and a new found love for ‘LIFE’. So here I am to share my new found love for life and everything related …Happy reading. Just as i share my love i look forward to you sharing your lives with me !


5 responses to “About

  1. Mallika

    hey…very inspiring as usual…here’s hoping more of us learn to appreciate life the way you have..cheers.

  2. Niyaz

    Nice to knw abt u ….happy blogging 🙂

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. Hi! Louise L Hay is what made me write to you.

    I have experienced the miracle that this book is. The fact that I have not actually read the book is yet another story. I am happy to come across someone who so much appreciates Louise and yes, the other book you mentioned, The Secret. In fact these are two best gifts that I have been able to think of recently for anyone.

    I work in a UK-based company and am based in Hyderabad. Hope to talk to you more.


  5. Hi Payal,

    Also – I read this post ”Lessons from Nature – Purpose”. Must have been a great experience. Even I had similar questions. But those queries have been answered. Would love to share if you are interested.


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